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The Danish Royal Family Gets A Raise

Danish Royals Get a RaiseA new report has come out announcing the Danish Royal Family will receive an additional 8.7 million kroner ($1,538,420.74) for the next fiscal year — raising their annual pay to a total of 105.8 million Kroner ($18,567,146.85).

From what I gathered from the somewhat confusing Google translation of the article, the royals’ pay is increased along with the state’s average wage by law.

Here’s a breakdown of how the money is divided among the family:

Queen Margrethe 79 million kroner ($13,969,567.63)

Crown Prince Frederik 17.6 million kroner ($3,112,207.48)

Crown Princess Mary of 1.9 million kroner ($335,976.94)

Prince Joachim is 1,100,000.02 million kronor ($194,512.90)

Countess Alexandra (Prince Joachim’s ex wife): 2.3 million krone ($406,708.93)

Count Ingolf: 1.3 million kroner ($229,878.96)


h/t: Royal Dish

3 thoughts on “The Danish Royal Family Gets A Raise

  1. Joachim’s ex wife makes a good living, no? For doing what?! Staying out of sight? She is remarried so I can’t imagine she has any royal duties, and child support wouldn’t be on the civil list, would it? Do they have to bribe the woman so she doesn’t spill the beans? I always think of her as the Danish Diana.

    • The book I read alluded to something like that, but I’m not sure. It’s truly remarkable how much she’s stayed on the payroll. Something doesn’t add up (pun intended).

      • Was that the book called Mary’s Dysfunctional Family? It has been ages since I read that book, and I can’t remember much of it, except that the author really didn’t seem to think much of the Queen or Frederick. There isn’t a lot available here about the Danish royals, and it’s too bad, because they pique my interest, and curiosity! I know that Alexandra was quite popular with the public, but not so much with the family.

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