Royals and #Selfies: They’re just like us!

In the year 2014, nearly everyone has taken a selfie. One of the most famous being the one Ellen Degeneres snapped at the last Oscars– it’s no surprise that royals are joining in on the trend…

Royals and Selfies: They're just like us! Royals and Selfies: They're just like us!

01-Felipe-and-Letizia-new-reign-the-king-and-queen-of-selfies 84f27fdfa7a45b42f79a12ffceb9c83e Belgium-Royal-selfie Kate-Middleton-Duchess-of-Cambridge-poses-for-a-selfie ng3468853 POb8T9R Prince-Andrew-took-first-ever-royal-selfie-April-2014-during queen-letizia-selfie--d royal_kate_selfie_2884574k Royal-Selfies-Pictures SelfieAa_5393266a

Which royal do you wish you had a selfie with? I think I’d like one with Crown Princess Victoria… wait, nope. Crown Prince Frederik!


5 thoughts on “Royals and #Selfies: They’re just like us!

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