Your Royal Reading Guide: Beginner Books

Royal Reads: Where to startWhen it comes to royals, deciding where to begin when learning about their history can be a daunting task. I have grown up reading various books on the topic, often confused about the more detailed parts discussed, so I would mostly skip to more modern topics.

I recently was recommended these two books and must say they stood out as being perfect for those dabbling in the (modern) royal history.

1015 Copenhagen

1015 Copenhagen K by Trine Villemann

This book allegedly “shook” the Danish monarchy after its publication in 2007 (it was a while before it was released in English). Besides the alleged “gossip” regarding Crown Prince Frederik and Mary’s relationship, it does provide an interesting timeline and recount of the current monarchy since the beginning of Queen Margrethe’s reign.

I was able to download it to my Kindle and read it over a couple of days. Though relatively new to the subject, I found each chapter to be intriguing and upon finishing felt as though I had a solid grasp on the relatively mysterious Danish monarchy.

Additionally, it gives a fair depiction of what it must entail to be a “commoner” Princess, and I found Ms. Villemann’s suggestions for Princesses and their media strategy to be poignant and something Crown Princess Mary and the Duchess of Cambridge could learn from.


The Royals by Kitty Kelley

Though Kitty Kelley, long-time journalist/expose writer, has some critics regarding her sources, I found this read to be a seemingly objective. Though I was worried it may drag at times, Ms. Kelley has a way of keeping each section interesting and almost as though she’s simply sharing a story over coffee.

I learned an incredible amount regarding everything from family feuds to royal protocol. Though some parts may be a bit sensational–the claim Princess Diana had “halitosis” being one–it managed to summarize the modern British monarchy concisely, and in an intriguing manner. I read it in less than three days (!) and finished wishing there was more.

Even people disinterested in monarchies would find this to be a well-written, insightful read.

I hope this helps! I have more recommendations queued, and would love to know your favorites. Do share, I’m always looking to add to my library. 
(How cute is Grace Kelly in the photo featured? I love it!)

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